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What is a Krush LifeGroup?

A New Hope Krush LifeGroup is more than just a Bible study group. It is a group of students who do life together. It is our hope that the students in your group will become a family and learn how to grow in community, knowledge, and outreach.

Why LifeGroups? Because this is how the early church did it! Not only did the early church meet together in the temple courts to worship (what we do on the weekends), but they met in each other’s homes and lived life together, all while proclaiming the name of Jesus (Acts 2:42).

Krush LifeGroups meet on a semester basis.  The Spring Semester for Krush LifeGroups begins the week of September 8, 2019.

How do I join?

It's simple! Just find a group that works for you and plan to attend the next meeting. Krush LifeGroups are open and welcoming of new students from week to week.  To find the group that's right for you, click "Search" below to view ALL Krush LifeGroups, or select your preferred search criteria in the boxes below.

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